Maurken Fund

Following the successful sale of shares in a business, this ‘Living Legacy’ endowment fund was set up in order that the fund holder could support their existing volunteering commitments with meaningful ongoing financial support for other needs here in Suffolk.

A degree of personal anonymity is important to the donor, but of equal importance is having the opportunity to understand more about the challenges people face and experience great projects first hand.

As is the case with many of donors, as understanding of the need deepens, so does the vision around how best to focus the impact of grantmaking. Having the flexibility to change direction with the fund and support different projects is very much appreciated here.

Future ambitions for the fund certainly include the creation of a legacy that future family generations may choose to stay associated with. However, the joy of making a real difference to people’s lives now and having hands on involvement in all aspects is very much the ethos on which this partnership has been built between donor and foundation.

These are some groups that have been funded by The Maurken Fund’s grants panel:

  • Suffolk Cruse Bereavement Care
  • FIND (Families in Need)
  • Home-Start in Suffolk
  • ActivLives
  • Eden’s Project
  • Our Special Friends
  • Whitton Youth Partnership
  • Access Community Trust
  • Fresh Start – new beginnings
  • Ipswich Community Media
  • Level Two Youth Project
  • Lighthouse Women’s Aid
  • New Life Church (Suffolk)
  • Rural Coffee Caravan Information Project
  • Suffolk Young People’s Health Project

Below are some other examples of projects funded by supporters of Suffolk Community Foundation.

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