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Suffolk Community Foundation’s first Hidden Needs Report challenged assumptions which stereotyped Suffolk as a generally prosperous part of the UK. It contested popular notions that deprivation and disadvantage were problems of inner city areas and large housing estates.

As a large rural county, food, drink and agriculture are important to Suffolk, with agriculture employing over 10,000 people, and food and drink processing employing a further 9,000 people. Further potential for growth is being driven by national demand for high-quality, locally sourced food and drink.

With a number of themed funds already an integral part of the Foundation’s grantmaking capabilities, the Food and Drink Fund plays a vital role in helping to address local needs throughout Suffolk.

Leaders from Suffolk’s food and drink industry have lent their support to building a special food and drink themed fund that will be distributed to charities and community groups relating to nutritional deprivation. The aim of the fund is to support charitable activities addressing local needs in Suffolk where there is a direct link with food and drink. Charities and voluntary groups can benefit from grants of between £1,000 and £5,000. Choosing to be part of the Food and Drink Fund ensures your charitable giving is kept in Suffolk and supports your business community. The needs of the local community will resonate with your employees and customers alike, showing your commitment as a caring and responsible employer.

The Foundation manages the potential risk associated with charitable giving and undertakes all due diligence and monitoring of groups and grants. They also ensure that grants are directed where they will have the greatest impact.

From foodbanks to lunch clubs and even meal deliveries for those not able to travel, there are many ways to support vital areas of food deprivation in Suffolk.

These are the groups that have been funded by the latest The Food & Drink Fund grants panel:

Access Community Trust
Bucklesham and Foxhall Community Council
Honington and Sapiston Village Hall
Selig (Suffolk) Trust
St Nicholas Hospice
St Peter & St John Parochial Church Council
St Peters Church
Suffolk Young People’s Health Project

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