David and Jill Simpson

This fund is established in memory of Miss Rosemary Jill Simpson and her younger brother David.

In partnership with their solicitor Jonathan Long at Ashton Legal, the Foundation has set about creating a fund that interprets the passion and focus of both Jill and her brother David during their lifetime and seeks to ensure that their legacy will live on and continue to support good causes that they loved for many generations to come.

The fund supports grass root organisations primarily in West Suffolk to provide support to older people over the age of 70 years and to those groups supporting the advancement of education, the protection of good health both mental and physical and the relief of poverty and sickness in the wider county of Suffolk.

These are some groups that have been funded by The David & Jill Simpson Fund’s grants panel:

  • Ipswich Head & Neck Cancer Support Group
  • Iceni Ipswich
  • The League of Friends of Aldeburgh Hospital
  • Suffolk Hearing Advisory Service

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