An endowment fund established by Peter and Jess Newnham in memory of Sabariah, their beloved wife and mother. Sabariah, was also our much-loved member of staff at the Foundation, so she had a great understanding of our work.

The fund established in 2010, aims to help organisations providing support to young people and carers, with a focus on those living in the Waveney area.

We are sure she would be very proud that her family are now able to share her passion when they award grants from her fund. Her family also visit many of the projects that they have funded or may wish to fund in the future. Significantly, Peter himself has since become a trustee of the Foundation, most recently becoming Vice chairman.

These are some groups that have been funded by Sabariah’s Fund’s grants panel:

  • Suffolk Artlink
  • Lowestoft Community Church
  • Pathways Care Farm

Below are some other examples of projects funded by supporters of Suffolk Community Foundation.

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