The new High Sheriff of Suffolk, Roz Eminson, was “sworn-in” at a ceremony at Ipswich Crown Court on Thursday 4th April at 12pm. The issue of the rural isolation of young people in Suffolk is one of her areas of interest for her year in office.

Married with three sons, Roz was born in Ipswich and grew up in Hintlesham. She returned to Suffolk to raise her family with husband Clive, after working in London and Cambridge in marketing and as a conference organiser. Roz also worked in Clive’s business, investing in and developing medical buildings, organising seminars for GPs. They live now in Levington and are keen sailors. When she eventually stopped working she turned her attention to the charity and voluntary sector.

“I came across the Suffolk Community Foundation at a charity tennis tournament and, for a little under a decade, have been involved with them ever since,” Roz explained. “Through them I also met Maureen Reynel, the founder of FIND. One short conversation with her and I was hooked. I have been volunteering for FIND now for about eight years, the work is varied and includes involvement in the delivery of referrals, sorting and packing food parcels. My Tuesdays at FIND are sacrosanct, even when I am High Sheriff!”

“The main focus for my year as High Sheriff year is to continue and consolidate the work started by the previous High Sheriff, George Vestey from Haverhill, regarding the rehabilitation of prisoners,” she continued. “In the charity sector, I am going to have a good look at rural isolation focusing particularly on young people who tend to be overlooked in this area, and I would like to visit some of the more remote Suffolk charities who have never seen a High Sheriff before!”

The primary role of High Sheriff is to represent the Queen in areas of justice, law and order, and is an unpaid role, without an expenses budget. The High Sheriff of Suffolk is an independent non-political Royal appointment dating back to Saxon times when the ‘Shire Reeve’ was responsible to the monarch for the maintenance of law and order within the county, and for the collection and return of taxes and revenues due to the crown. Whilst the role has evolved over time, supporting the Crown and the judiciary remain central elements of the role today. High Sheriff’s receive no remuneration or expenses, and a new High Sheriff is appointed every year.

Suffolk Community Foundation’s Head of Public Affairs Tim Holder says, ‘We enjoy excellent and productive relationships with many Suffolk High Sheriffs past and present, and have built a working partnership which really helps to highlight the challenges faced by vulnerable people in Suffolk and celebrate the very best work of volunteers in Suffolk and the voluntary sector as a whole. It’s brilliant to be working with Roz Emison and an honour to have her as a Patron of Suffolk Community Foundation for her year in office.

The Foundation works with the High Sheriff throughout the year, and particularly on events such as The High Sheriff’s Awards and Suffolk Day.

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