Thriving & Safe Communities

Thriving & Safe Communities


Creating opportunities for people to come together and feel that they belong to a happy, safe, friendly and inclusive community is key to our own wellbeing and success as a society. A healthy community feels energetic and has a mixture of activities and things going on that are suitable for all ages. We all have a responsibility and need to play a part in ensuring that the streets where we live are safe to walk and that community hubs and safe spaces are available for people to meet. Friendships can then flourish amongst neighbours of different ages, races and cultures as we get to know and understand each other more fully. Building a supportive and resilient community ensures that when issues arise, people will naturally come together to help and support each other. The Coronavirus pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges that Suffolk communities are stepping up to address. It will be vital in the coming months and years to continue supporting this important work.  

The charities ensuring that we have safe and thriving communities in Suffolk need your financial and practical support to do their work.

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Why people support Thriving & Safe Communities

I’m very proud to work in partnership with Suffolk Community Foundation, and to work with them to reach voluntary section organisations that do such an amazing job to make our county a safe place to live. The voluntary sector and the charitable sector have risen to the challenge to really help to bring people together in recent months, to reinforce that powerful sense of community that we are very fortunate to have here in Suffolk. 


Tim Passmore

Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner, Suffolk Constabulary

One of the things that really pleased us is the way that our communities came together in response to the pandemic.  A big thank you to everybody who has worked so hard to achieve all the positive differences for our communities. 


Phanuel Mutumburi

Business and Operations Director, ISCRE

Building a stronger and more resilient community means that when issues arise, people naturally come together to help to support each other.

Sally Longmate

CEO, Suffolk Association of Local Councils

We are constantly behind desks, behind screens or behind doors or windows but we are human beings and going out to spend quality time with each other face to face is so important. As a trustee, I have been able to meet so many people and experience the issues they face first hand. Suffolk Community Foundation does such a great job in connecting causes that matter with people who care.

Jonathan Ager

Chief Executive Officer at Birketts & Suffolk Community Foundation Trustee

Thriving & Safe Communities stories

Read the stories below which highlight the key areas where we are helping to support Thriving & Safe Communities in Suffolk.
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