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The CYP Emotional Health & Wellbeing Fund has supported Suffolk Young People’s Health Project

The CYP Emotional Health & Wellbeing Fund was developed in partnership with the Ipswich & East Suffolk and West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Groups and Suffolk County Council as part of their strategic transformation plan for children and young people’s emotional wellbeing.

The aspirations for change are ambitious: all 135,900 Suffolk children and young people need to be emotionally resilient. However, 34,500 have a diagnosed or additional mental health need. 4,100 are assessed or supported every year and 24% of an average school class have a mental health need (10% diagnosed and 14% at a lower level.)

The Foundation created a grant programme together with £225,000 to distribute and asked all applicants to the fund to show how they addressed the five big ideas and the ten priorities identified in the plan and to refer to the ‘Future in Mind’ Report for more information and evidence.

The response from our local organisations was exceptional. We received over £700,000 of applications from groups, demonstrating both that the strategy had been widely promoted and that people were keen to engage. Applications were so good that more funding was made available, and £278,000 was finally distributed to 22 organisations. These groups met all three key themes of the fund, ranging from prevention to direct intervention and were based across the county matching the range of needs of young people in Suffolk.

This partnership of public sector funders, Suffolk Community Foundation and local charities shows the real power of working together. £278,000 of public sector money stimulated £35,000 from our private donors and £118,000 from the funded organisations themselves, achieving an impressive £431,000 of funds to address this important strategic initiative. Following on from this success, the CCG’s have provided an additional £200,000 for deivery by the Foundation and separately commissioned five of the funded organisations to work more closely with them.

These projects have recruited over 240 volunteers and are working with teachers, youth groups and young people themselves to ensure that the foundation change the lives of Suffolk’s young people forever. The programme has been so successful that the funders have made another £200,000 of funding available and have separatey commissioned five of the projects, with an additional £100,00.

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