Working together to address Suffolk’s Hidden Needs

The crucial ingredient in moving towards a better Suffolk for all is to have clear evidence for everyone of what our challenges are.

Below you can start to learn more about the issues faced by people here in Suffolk. Broadly, they can be broken down into 6 themes:

Children & Families
Compassion in Crisis
Education, Learning & Life Skills
Health & Wellbeing
Older People
Thriving & Safe Communities

To find out about each theme in more detail, click on the links below:

Hidden needs in Suffolk

This report takes national statistics and turns them into an accessible and detailed picture of the local need across Suffolk.
Hidden Needs in Suffolk five years on (2011-2016) – a report created for us by the University of Suffolk.

Children & Families

We want to create a positive environment for our young people to thrive, develop and become the best that they can be…

Compassion in crisis

Anyone can find themselves facing a critical situation where they will need help quickly. Charities and community groups play an essential role in helping…

Education, Learning & Life Skills

Throughout our lives we continue to learn and develop. If everyone in Suffolk is helped to do this, we all benefit…

Health & Wellbeing

Charities and community groups can offer early intervention and prevention, so everyone in Suffolk can have healthy day-to-day lives…

Older people

Helping people to live dignified, productive, independent, healthy lives, and to be in the position that they enjoy older age…

Thriving & Safe Communities

Many charities and community groups play a vital role in creating opportunities for people to come together and feel that they belong to a happy…

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