Bury St Edmunds Rickshaw

 A new service set up during the pandemic, this unique organisation led by an energetic team of over 50 volunteers offer free, chatty rickshaw or cargo bike rides to local people who need help getting out and about around the town of Bury St Edmunds. They also do deliveries of prescriptions and shopping, as well as rides to essential vaccine or doctor appointments. Most recently they have been collecting unsold food from food shops and ensuring it doesn’t go to waste by taking it to the HQ of local homeless charities.   Recent funding from the Foundation has enabled this organisation to increase their offering of food deliveries to vulnerable residents in the west of the county.  It is not just the delivery of food that is so essential, the rickshaw riding volunteers ensure that they check in on every person they deliver to.  They can often feel lonely and are unable to leave their homes, so a friendly face and chat is just as valuable as the supplies their volunteers hand over.