Suffolk Community Foundation Endowment Funds

Arts & Culture Fund
AXA Fund
Barclay Family Fund
Birketts Fund
Bluebell Fund
Bunbury Family Fund
Bunting Family Fund
Caroline, John & Merryn Everitt Fund
Catalyst Fund
Centenary Fund
Chapman Fund
Clopton Estate Ltd Community First Fund
Cunliffe Family Endowment Fund
David & Jill Simpson Fund
Davies Family Fund
De la Rue Family Fund
Dolphin Franklin Fund
Edward and Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Fund
Euston Family Fund
Evdemonia Fund
Fonnereau Road Health Foundation Fund
Food & Drink Fund
Freud Curtis Family Fund
George Vestey Family Fund
Hewlett Fund
High Sheriff’s Fund
Hill Family Fund
Hintlesham & Chattisham Harriet Lloyd Fund
Hodge & Shallow Family Fund
Hopkins Charitable Fund
Horizon Fund
Hubble Bubble Fund
Hughes-Hallett Family Fund
Iken Peninsula Fund
In Memoriam Fund
Ipswich Building Society Charitable Foundation Fund
Joy Abbott Charitable Fund
Kemball Fund
Kingsfleet Fund
Lucstu Fund

Thank you

to everyone who has helped build our endowment for Suffolk in 2019/20

Mahony Family Fund
Marriott Motor Fund
Martineau Fund
Maurken Fund
Michael Ben Howes Fund
Mitchell Fund
Orpheus Fund
Peter & Dorothy Meade Fund
Peter Rous Fund
Philipps Family Fund
Port Community Fund
RJB Fund
Rowland Family Fund
RSM Suffolk Fund
Rutgers Fund
Sabariah’s Fund
Sheepshanks Family Fund
SIFRE Inter-faith Legacy Fund
Skinner’s Fund
Suffolk Fund
Suffolk Development Endowment Fund
Suffolk Rural Fund
Suffolk Sports Fund
Tattersalls Fund
Vestey Holdings Fund
West Fund
Women & Girls Fund
Woodward Fund