Emmaus Suffolk: ‘Turn Around’ Project – Case Study

Emmaus Suffolk supports vulnerably housed individuals through a work framework in their social enterprises to help build self-esteem.  

As the pandemic hit, and they were forced to shut all their shops, the organisation turned its efforts to supporting people’s mental health to stay stimulated and safe indoors by providing Boredom packs’ containing items from their shops.  These were then delivered to individuals every 2 weeks, recycled and repacked and then distributed again to keep contact as regular as possible. This offer expanded to include all those, supported by 8 other service providers in local hostels, and the newly housed street homeless in Ipswich and Felixstowe.  

 The funding that Emmaus received from the Suffolk Coronavirus Community Fund helped to deliver 130 Boredom packs every month and allowed the Charity to continue to buy new items such as puzzle books, colouring books and pens and small gift items for each bag, as well as covering the distribution costs. 

Many of the recipients have been housed in temporary accommodation and the puzzles, DVD’s, activity sheets etc. have helped fill their time, particularly when in the lockdown period.  The packs have also been delivered to people living on their own, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.  One lady was struggling particularly in the evenings with anxiety – the music on the CDS helped her a lot.    

Found the packs a lovely surprise especially the coffee and hot chocolate sachets. Karen

Thank you so much – I’ve already lit the candle and started the puzzle. I surprised myself with the puzzle and its really helped with my anxiety. Donna 

Thank you so much for my boredom pack – I can’t express how grateful I am and thank you for your kind service in these circumstances. Julie


“I was delighted to successfully secure this funding from the PCC. It’s a bold and brave step for a funder to support our therapeutic workshops. Many of our clients are stuck in negative behaviours with no skills to enable them to change them, so they are unable to thrive.  These workshops are fundamentally giving individuals the tools to make long term effective change for themselves.  I can’t thank everyone enough for enabling us to support vulnerable Suffolk people with real change.” 


Claire Staddon

CEO, Emmaus Suffolk