Eastgate Amateur Boxing Club – Case Study

Eastgate Amateur Boxing Club is a community-based boxing club providing positive activities for young people and adults within the local area. Boxing teaches self discipline and respect for others, whilst achieving a high level of fitness and good mental wellbeing, which helps to steer vulnerable young people from negative influences and gives them a sense of belonging. To ensure the boxing club is accessible to everyone, the fees are kept low and are waived for those from disadvantaged households who would otherwise be unable to attend. 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, they can currently only accommodate 16 participants in each session. Using funding from the Suffolk Coronavirus Community Fund, the club will provide an additional steel framed building to enable ten additional participants to train and be coached in boxing at any one time during the pandemic. Going forward, Eastgate Amateur Boxing Club aims to equip the new building with a mezzanine floor and a boxing ring to increase the options for use. 


We are so grateful for this funding – the encouragement we have received is that the films bring a bit of sunshine and joy into many lives. The work we do is so vital and we all do it because we love it… but it can also be tiring, more-so when we don’t know the next step. To receive financial support like this is such an encouragement and a boost for moral. I cannot express my thanks well enough.


Mick Bryant

Club Coach, Eastgate Amateur Boxing Club

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