MN Well Child Support

MN Well Child Support CIC received funding in 2021 to support its one-to-one work with vulnerable children and families. The CIC works with the most vulnerable families in Waveney and surrounding areas, where the child is experiencing the onset of poor mental health and impaired wellbeing. Working with children where their concerns may surface in challenging and self-harmful behaviours, the CIC seeks to work flexibly with the family to identify practical strategies which can improve the outcomes for everyone in the home. Using qualified and experienced practitioners, the CIC can model strategies for parents to adopt as well as working in an engaging and practical way with the children themselves. 

The funding from Suffolk Community Foundation allowed MN Well Child Support to offer this support to many families over the summer of 2021 free of charge. This meant that a lot of families and children received support to which they would otherwise not have had access. Amongst this group of families, the funding supported children with many challenges such as self-harm, anxiety, self-isolation, socialisation issues and eating disorders. Of the young people worked with over the summer, over 95% reported that they had benefitted from the intervention and 100% of parents / carers reported that they found the intervention useful. Similarly, we know that of all the young people supported by this organisation, over 75% see a reduction in challenging behaviour and long term improvements in their wellbeing.