Reframe Coaching
Reframe Coaching for Gambling Addiction

Reframe Coaching is a Community Interest Company that supports individuals in recovery from a gambling disorder and individuals who have been affected by their loved one’s gambling. 

Gambling is a serious public health issue in Great Britain. Official statistics from the Gambling Commission estimate that two million adults are experiencing some level of gambling harm, including 340,000 ‘problem gamblers’ although research commissioned by GambleAware indicates these estimates of gambling harm may be low. 

Their Life After Gambling programme provides individuals with one to one After Care coaching, often focusing on key area which have been neglected. Areas such as: 

 Physical Health
 Mental Health
Social Relationships
Friends and Family
Personal Growth 

Delivered on a one to one basis over six weeks, they support individuals to regain their life after gambling. Key outcomes have been improved wellbeing, increased self esteem and becoming more self aware. 

We are very grateful to Suffolk Community Foundation, whose support has allowed us to deliver our Life After Gambling programme to the residents of Suffolk.