Suffolk Cost Of Living Surviving Winter Appeal 2022

£100,000 raised so far

Over 50 Suffolk business people gathered at Ipswich Town Football Club on Wednesday 23 November to learn how the 12th Surviving Winter Appeal is going, one month on from its launch, and to hear how they can help.

Currently over £100,000 has been donated in a month, but more is still needed so the Appeal can help struggling individuals, families and charities this winter.

The annual Appeal has widened how it will help Suffolk people, with a three-pronged focus on ‘fuel, food and support’.

“We are very grateful for the response we’ve had from people across Suffolk so far,” said Melanie Craig, Chief Executive of Suffolk Community Foundation. “Just one month into our Appeal, we have raised over £100K which means people who were not able to heat their homes now can. The impact on people’s health and wellbeing, the reduced stress is massive. The Winter is just starting the get colder though and so many people are really struggling. It’s important we keep going and give to help others if you are able to.”

Those attending the business event heard about the Appeal, how it provides essential support to the people of Suffolk and most importantly how businesses and employees can help make it a success by spreading the word, so that everyone that needs help is reached.

“We have been really encouraged by the support Suffolk businesses have shown for this Appeal. They can play a significant role in promoting the campaign and helping us spread the word across this great county,” said Henry Tapp, the Private Client Relationship Manager for Suffolk Community Foundation. “The level of need in Suffolk is being talked about more now but there is still a perception that it doesn’t really exist. I assure you it does and every penny that goes towards this Appeal will be helping address this.”

With many people already facing problems due to rapid increases in the cost of living, this year the annual appeal has been extended and renamed ‘Suffolk Cost of Living Surviving Winter Appeal’. Grants to help pay for fuel will be available as before, (to people of all ages), some food projects will be supported, and local charities, which are themselves facing huge challenges, could also be helped.

The Appeal is a joint initiative by Suffolk Community Foundation, Citizens Advice Ipswich, and Suffolk councils’ Warm Homes Healthy People.

“The cost-of-living crisis is having a profound impact on people across Suffolk and the need for support is greater than ever,” reiterated Melanie. “Businesses provide a vital role in our communities, and we are really pleased they are demonstrating such enthusiasm to endorse this Appeal. Suffolk is brilliant at responding to a challenge and this is made possible by the strength of its partnerships, across all sectors.”

The latest local data shows the sharpest rise in fuel poverty in Suffolk that we
have witnessed for some time. Despite local and national government support, it is estimated that a further 20,000 households (75,000 in total) are now struggling to meet their living costs and heat their homes as winter approaches.

If you would like to receive individual support from the SUFFOLK COST OF LIVING SURVIVING WINTER APPEAL, wherever you are in Suffolk, please contact Citizen’s Advice Ipswich on T. 01473 298634.

Donate online here or telephone 01473 602 602 (during office hours), visit any branch of Suffolk Building Society to make a payment over the counter.

I was pleased to be invited and learn more about the Surviving Winter Appeal, whilst I had some awareness of the challenges within our community the presentations were extremely inciteful and added real clarity to the significant impact on families in our region and how the business  community can work together positively in numerous ways to support this campaign.

Sue Tasker

Head of Sales & Marketing, Milsom Hotels & Restaurants

It is humbling to see the work that is being done to support those in Suffolk who face what is likely to be the toughest winter for many. Being able to help and share the message across my Network means that more of us are aware of the need to support our local communities and the opportunities that exist to make a difference.

Peter Besant

Partner, Financial Planner and Team Head , Evelyn Partners

We were proud to be amongst so many influential business leaders learning about the Foundation’s ‘Suffolk Cost of Living Surviving Winter Appeal. The Appeal has added resonance in 2022 due to the cost-of-living crisis, and we heard some very personal stories about hardship across our region, with families really struggling to make ends meet and having to make the heart-breaking decision whether to heat or feed themselves.
As business leaders, we have the ability, means and influence to effect change; let’s work together to make Suffolk a healthier, happier and more prosperous county for all.

Rachael Jackson

Marketing & Business Development Consultant, Penn Commercial

It was heart-warming to see so many business leaders in one room with the aim to support the surviving winter appeal. To hear the struggles some local Suffolk people are facing in 2022 is shocking. We at Sackers are working with the SCF to see how we can help ease this pressure on local families and support the charities that are improving these conditions for them in the longer term.

Helen Crapnell

Business Development Manager, Sackers

Having attended my first Suffolk Community Foundation breakfast event, I soon realised what incredible work they do for people who are far less privileged than others. Being Suffolk born and bred myself the SCF is a charity I highly recommend engaging with. I have just donated!

Simon Bennett

CEO, Vint-tro Ltd

Businesses that attended

Aquabridge Law
Bates Wells & Braithwaite
Beckett Investment
Black Fox Finance
C&S Warehousing & Felixstowe Recruitment
Fairweather Law
Fiducia Wealth
Fosters Solicitors
Havebury Housing Association
Honey & Harvey
JOM Associates Ltd
Magnus Group
Milsom Hotels
Paddy & Scott’s
Penn Commercial
Pound Gates
Scrutton Bland
Sky Bridge Recruitment
Smith & Co Solicitors
Suffolk Building Society