Pathways Care Farm

Pathways Care Farm

Living with mental ill-health, learning difficulties or dementia is something that we all have sympathy for but, unfortunately, much of society doesn’t have the resources to help. Social Services and the NHS are struggling to keep up with the demands.

Pathways Care Farm is making a huge impact in their small corner of the county and are demonstrating, through love, care and time (plus a really beautiful 13 acre farm in north Lowestoft) that it is possible to make a big difference in the lives of vulnerable people.

Through agriculture, horticulture, working with animals and the wonders of nature, Pathways is enhancing the lives of over 35 people directly each week, plus their families and carers. Below are just a few recent quotes:

“This place saved my life.”

“They give you a bit of responsibility then a bit more as you can deal with it… it’s fantastic.”

“I haven’t seen him this happy since he left the sea over three years ago.”

“Dad said he enjoyed his day and may come again if he isn’t too busy!… mum said she had a great day doing all the things she doesn’t usually get a chance to do.”

“I just love the goats, they make me laugh and help me relax.”

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