Battisford Parish Council – Case Study

Battisford Parish Council is a rural Parish Council serving the village of Battisford and its 300 homes.  

They have hugely welcomed the funding in order to support and to provide a food bank and delivery service for its elderly and vulnerable residents, who are self-isolating.  As well as the elderly, the Parish Council has been contacted by families who have seen their income disappear asking for help to feed their children. Battisford is a very small rural village with most of their residents at 70+.  There are also no public transport links. They have set up an account with Bid Food/Bid Fest, a wholesaler where they are able to buy in bulk tinned goods, dried goods and toiletries, as well as source fresh fruitvegetables and meats from local suppliers.  Large supermarkets are a considerable drive away from this area, the volunteer team led by Nicky Cleaver realised the potential of being able to help more families not only in Battisford, but in other surrounding areas too,  so with the help of the funding, they have set up a pop-up (non profit making) farm shop where over 300 families have been able to access food supplies. 

We would like to extend our warmest thanks and deepest gratitude for the financial assistance you have given to us.  This pandemic is unprecedented.  Despite the many day to day positives experienced by those of us living in rural villages, the logistical pitfalls of living this way have never been more evident, especially for the elderly, the vulnerable and the sick.  Your grant has allowed us to provide a lifeline in a very real and material way for those most vulnerable in society during these troubling times.


Nicky Cleaver

Parish Councillor, Battisford Parish Council

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