Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

The voluntary sector delivers early intervention, prevention and in-depth support that promotes independence and encourages healthy day-to-day living. The impact of a serious physical or mental diagnosis will often see statutory health treatments complemented by voluntary sectors support. The diagnosis of a serious condition will often cause other negative impacts on the lives of the sufferer and those around them – family and financial stability can be seriously undermined.

Suffolk’s charities offer meaningful levels of on-going help and a sense of community with people in a similar situation. It also offers information, guidance and support to families and carers who play such a vital role in their care. During the pandemic, the role of charities and community groups is proving even more vital. Supporting people to stay well in their homes during lockdown, community volunteering has played an important role in relieving pressure on the NHS, keeping hospital beds available and saving lives. As communities begin to return to a new normal, a plethora of new challenges will become apparent for charities and community groups to address as Suffolk seeks to re-build local lives.  

The charities helping to promote health and wellbeing in Suffolk need your financial and practical support to do their work.

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Pargiter Trust is a charity which aims to help disadvantaged older people to be independent, healthy and socially included and our grant to Upbeat was made through Suffolk Community Foundation, who we have been working with  since 2016. They have supported us to reach grass roots charities and help to make a huge difference.

Suzanne Gardiner

Chair, Partgiter Trust

Suffolk is a compassionate county. During the pandemic, communities have come together like never before, and our voluntary sector has been heroic in keeping people healthy, independent and safe.

Dr Ed Garratt

Chief Officer & Executive Lead, Ipswich & East Suffolk, West Suffolk and North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Groups, Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System

Suffolk Community Foundation’s support throughout the pandemic has made a huge difference, and not only have you made a tangible, physical difference, but also emotionally you have proved to people that Suffolk cares about them. Thank you. 


Claire Staddon

Chief Executive, Emmaus Suffolk

Health & Wellbeing stories

Read the stories below which highlight the key areas where we are helping to support Health & Wellbeing in Suffolk.

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