Working in Partnership

Working in partnership is key to changing Suffolk lives, and we work with many different stakeholders on a daily basis to create a sustainable impact in our local communities.

Whether it’s as simple as sharing information and research, helping different organisations to reach the voluntary sector in a way that meets their objectives, or co-creating/funding a variety of innovative projects, we are committed to harnessing the incredible skills and talents throughout Suffolk and beyond.

Below are just a few stories that highlight some of the important work that ‘Team Suffolk’ has already undertaken – and some of the ground breaking results that our partnerships have achieved.

If you are working on a partnership project, have a new idea, or are interested in becoming a funder, we’d like to talk to you.

Equity In Mind

Equity in Mind is a vital partnership that has been created with the intention of enabling organisations to work alongside one another, as well as with statutory health providers, to bring a localised community-based approach to those with Severe Mental health illness.

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